1)How do I best reach you?

We strongly encourage you to leave a message through the QUERY/FEEDBACK FORM and we shall revert back to you.

2)How can I avail your services?

Thanks to technology enabled services, we should be able to interact over the phone; online type chat or even video chat with students at pre-determined timings and thus provide seamless services!

In fact from Apr 2013 we are planning to make use of technology to a larger extent and help students save precious time and energy from commuting in this dense traffic.

3)When is it ideal for me to enroll with you?

As early as possible! You are encouraged to visit our application timeline page to map yourself with respect to your desired intake. Early enrollments help us to craft your profile better and help you showcase yourself better to the university. Scores of our students work with us as early as 18 – 24 months before the intended semester of enrollment. Statistically speaking 15% of the applicants utilized our services at least 12 months ahead. A vast majority of at least 55% of our students enrolled with us between the 6 and 12 month period from the intended semester date.

We also strongly encourage the applicants to contact us even before they register for the GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL. It’s a well known fact these tests allow you to report your scores free of cost to 4 or 5 universities. Such early enrollment can help you save as much as $350!

4)What are the service variants that are available to a prospective student like me?

Our service variants take into account the difference in services required for the 4 broad categories of our students – viz… applicants interested in applying to (a) Bachelor degree programs, (b) MASTER degree programs (Engg; Life Sciences etc), (c) MBA and other B-School programs and (d) Ph. D programs.

Our students regularly seek the following services:

a) India based MBA application guidance – ISB, GLIM, Executive MBAs at top B-Schools of India, etc
b) 'Americas' focused MBA application guidance – USA & Canada based Top MBA programs
c) Euro-Asia focused MBA application guidance – Top MBA based program from European B-Schools
d) Asia focused MBA application guidance – Top B-Schools at Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, etc
e) 'Americas' focused MS program – At USA and Canada, based on the student’s profile, research interest and post qualification plans
f) Europe focused MS program – Admissions into Top-notch MS programs from either tuition-fee-free university(s) country(s) or otherwise
g) Asia and Australia/NZ – Good MS programs at Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand et all.
h) Ph. D programs basically at USA and Canada
i) Bachelor degree programs focussed at USA, Canada, Europe and Singapore.

Within the 4 broad categories there are sub-variants to address the needs and constraints of the applicant on account of their academic backgrounds, pre-requisite test score, affordability and need for financial aid.

5)What are your service charges?

Our service charges vary! They vary from program to program and from profile to profile. And thus the applicant may see varied pricing policies in place. Students enroll with us for the comprehensive end-to-end solutions package, or for standalone services viz, Single University package, or Visa Guidance services.

We also have the following new Scholarship Guarantee package in place:

a) "Scholarship Guarantee" pack is for those whose ambitions are curtailed by their ability to pay for tuition fees and living expenses in top notch universities in big cities. On many occasions we have seen applicants with lesser numbers (GPA; GMAT/GRE/SAT; TOEFL/IELTS) and lesser credentials (kind of work exp; extracurricular activities) bag higher scholarships than those with higher numbers and/or better credentials. Over the year we have realized that it’s just not choosing the right university but also that it’s the way the Application Essays/SOP and Resume is written; the way the profile is presented and the way that the applicant conducts oneself during the interviews that matter. By carefully reviewing all the above between 2009 and 2011 we tweaked our services to help students bag as much as 100% tuition fee waivers and in a few cases also the assistantship to cover living expenses.

7)Why do you charge your students?

Yes, unlike many who work for commissions from the university and thus peddle their own interests ahead of yours, at Gloabl Dreamz, we enable you to pursue your dreams at reputed universities! We believe in helping you to present yourself better to the University of your choice/aspiration. We counsel you about the right program, the right university, creating the right application, the right time to apply and then also offer you post-admission services like Visa counseling and pre-departure Orientation. We help you reach the top-rung of universities that your profile warrants and it’s a common knowledge that reputed universities don’t pay commissions.

There are plenty of consultants who claim to offer free services especially for admissions into certain USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand universities and few Colleges in Canada. Though these consultants claim to offer ‘free-services’; the absolute truth is that they receive commissions from the universities and thus are many-a-time induced to placing you at a university that pays them well; hence with them it’s not your interests that comes first.

8)What are the methods of payment that you would accept?

We encourage online transfer into our bank account.

9)What documents would you prefer to review before our first meeting / interaction?

Scanned copies of your

(a) passport 1st and last page
(b) academic transcripts – 10th, 12th, Degree semester-wise, Degree Certificates
(c) scores sheet copies of GRE/GMAT/SAT and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE
(d) work experience – appointment letters / relieving letter
(e) All other credentials viz., professional qualification certificates, extracurricular certificates, contribution to society certificates etc would help us in developing a better understanding of you. And thus we request you to scan them in asap.

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