Our Philosophy & Promise

At Global Dreamz, we are inspired by the popular saying, "No dreamer is too small; no dream too big" and thus all our endeavors are directed towards helping you achieve the dreams that you treasure the most w.r.t studies abroad, career progression and / or obtaining visas for specific purposes.

Keeping in pace with the technology and the global development, we strive to help you be the 'Global Citizen' of tomorrow – one who is prepared to be at ease with the all encompassing nature of technology and globalization.

As our invaluable customers, we want you to be assured of our following guidelines at all times:

Frank & Honest Opinions:
We value providing you the true picture about the feasibilities / possibilities / results of your endeavors. At times our views may be in stark contrast to your aspirations. Yet, we would prefer being honest!

Economic & Value-for-Money aspect:
We cherish helping you realize the 'more-than-what-I-paid-for' feeling through a wide gamut of services that is aimed at helping you conserve efforts, money and time.

Holistic & Futuristic Counseling:
Right from inception, we have always ensured that our counseling process would be ‘holistic’ such that the same would take into consideration your past and present qualifications as well as accomplishments as to dovetail it with your futuristic aspirations and the resources available to achieve them.

Our Expertise

The broad range of knowledge and exposure that our experts have imbibed, seem to be the perfect concoction that would serve the needs of aspirants like you. Our experts with decades of experience come from varied industries viz., Banking and Finance, Consulting, Counseling, IT, Global Business Management and IT. Their expertise and broad based expertise are used to help you achieve your studies abroad goals, identifying the right career path and/or guiding you through the complex maze of the visa process.

Over the last decade, the people at the helm of affairs have spent considerable time and efforts in helping people reach better universities abroad and / or manage their career transition confidently. Their interactions with university officials abroad and also with students placed abroad has enabled them to build a formidable database about the university’s strengths and weaknesses. Likewise they have also proactively enabled people to shift their career tracks and benefit from the globalization process. Yes, all our services are backed by a team of people who have been well trained and have garnered substantial experience in their area of work.

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